Take Advantage of Instadebit

Instadebit is one of the best and most secure banking methods you’ll find on the Internet and as a Canadian resident, you can take full advantage of the service. All you need is a bank account at one of the banks or financial institutions in Canada. Instadebit is not an e-wallet that holds money for you that you can use to purchase playing credits at All Slots Canada. Rather, it functions more like an online check, connecting your bank account and the online casino to make safe transactions without exposing your bank details to Internet identity thieves. The only time you will have to reveal your bank account number is when you sign up to the service, and then only through the site’s highly encrypted servers. Allowing members to make payments through Instadebit is one of the ways All Slots Canada ensures that it’s a safe online casino.

Payment Methods at the Safe Online Casino

Ensuring that players have a range of secure banking methods available is the hallmark of a safe online casino. People who live in Canada often prefer to use Instadebit because it’s one the simplest and safest payment methods available. Simply click on the Instadebit tab on the payment screen at All Slots Canada, sign into your Instadebit account, approve the payment, and the money you need comes out of your account directly. It’s also one of the best payment methods for keeping track of your casino spending. It’s easy to see a report of how much money has come out of your account through Instadebit, so you are always on top of where your money is going.

The Safety of Secure Banking Methods

Even if you don’t have an Instadebit account, you can sign up for the service while making your first transaction. It’s that quick and easy. AndiIf you want to increase your spending limit, simply use the system’s account verification system. Shortly after you sign up, a small charge of less than $2.00 will be taken out of your bank account and charged to Instadebit. To verify the account, look at your bank statement for the charge, log into your Instadebit account and press Verify Account. Then fill in the amount that was charged so that the system knows that the account belongs to you. So if you’re reviewing secure banking methods and you have a Canadian bank account, you can’t go wrong with Instadebit.