Neteller Banking Method

For over a decade, Neteller has been providing individuals and businesses with a fast, secure and efficient option that allows them to transfer their funds to and from their personal bank account. Many online gamblers rely on Neteller to move their funds according to their needs, assuring that they'll be able to make their casino deposits and withdraw their winnings for their personal use at any time and from any location. Neteller is a trusted ebank solution that operates in more than 200 countries and serves a broad spectrum of needs. 

How Does It Work?

Neteller banking method allows you to conduct your casino banking at your convenience on your PC or mobile device. The Canadian online casino approves of Neteller as a secure digital banking solution which enables you to transfer funds at in Canadian dollars. The Neteller casino bonus provides assurance that all of your earnings and real money casino bonus payouts will be transferred safely and securely at your direction. 

Signing up for a Neteller eWallet is free. Neteller functions as a credit card. You deposit your funds in your local bank account and withdraw your money in cash at your discretion via the Net+ card which is accepted at all ATMs. You are also able to make any desired purchases with your funds via the Neteller app which is supported by both PC and mobile devices.  

How to Get Started

If you're a new Neteller customer, you can establish a Neteller login for free on the Neteller sign-in page. After you've opened your account you'll be able to link your Neteller account to your casino bank account. Go to the casino banking webpage and click on "Neteller" as your banking solution of choice. Alternately, when you make your first deposit, click "Neteller" when the casino asks you to identify your preferred ebank. Once you've created that link, you don't need to worry about further interfacing with the Banking page – all of your deposits will automatically be deducted from your Neteller account and all of your earnings will be deposited back into your Neteller account whenever your indicate that you're ready to withdraw your earnings. Top Rated Slots Games Brand Play Casino In Canada For Mobile User Canadian Player Only

You can fund your Neteller account by adding cash to your Net+ card at any of the thousands of Neteller vendors who are located throughout Canada. Alternately, you can transfer funds to your Neteller account by linking your Net+ card to your local Canadian bank account. 

VIP Players

If you're a high-rollering Neteller casino member you can apply to receive the premium "Neteller VIP" membership. Neteller VIP provides lower fees and added features including a VIP Fraud Guarantee, the option to open multiple currency accounts, 24/7 VIP Support Line, discounts on deposits and withdrawal fees (processed monthly), higher limits on all transactions, next day payouts, higher daily ATM cash withdrawal limits, lower currency conversion fees, reward points bonuses and more.   


Via Neteller you can add, withdraw and transfer funds to and from Neteller-supporting merchants and other Neteller customers at your leisure. At this time the All Slots Casino Canada does not interface with Ne teller for Canadian players, but Neteller clients can look forward to using any of the other convenient Neteller options.

Some of the Neteller services include:

  • Net+ Cards – The Net+ Card allows access to the Net+ ecard which enables consumers to purchase goods and services in person and online at any of the point-of-sale locations located throughout the world. Via the Net+ card customers can also get instant access to cash at ATMs around the world.
  • Money Transfer – The Neteller Money Transfer Service offers fast, simple and secure money transfers in which customers can send money online instantly. Neteller Money Transfer provides a safe alternative to traditional methods of sending money.
  • Full Service Countries – Customers located in Full Service Countries enjoy full Neteller services, including deposit and withdrawal options and options for conducting transactions with merchants, including with casino venues. 

Safety and Security

Neteller online banking system operates under the direct supervision of the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This means that the company is authorised by the (FCA) and operates according to all FCA regulations. Neteller holds over 100% of its clients' account balance in trust accounts to ensure that the money is always accessible when needed. 

Clients enjoy online fraud protection, protection in cases of disputed transactions, stringent identification verification and fraud and payment security controls which include:

  • BIN/IP checking
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Account surveillance
  • Access to payment industry fraud blacklists
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Security code verification (CV2/CVV)
  • 256 bit encryption and multiple firewalls 

Interface with Multiple Gaming Platforms

Neteller interfaces with all of the casino's gaming platforms to assure you that you'll be able to play on any device that you wish. If you prefer to gamble from the comfort of your own home you can download the casino software into your personal laptop or desktop PC, link your Neteller account to your downloaded casino software program and play for real money prizes on the downloaded casino. If you are accessing a non-personal computer terminal you can connect to Neteller on any Internet browser, link your casino account to your Neteller account and play safely and securely at the Flash Casino. 

Mobile gamers have 24/7 access to the casino on their smartphone or tablet screen. Neteller supports all of the top mobile operating systems including the iOS, Android and Blackberry systems, ensuring that you'll be able to connect to the mobile casino via WiFi or cellular connectivity and play for real money prizes at your leisure. 


Regardless of your game preference, you'll find exactly what you're looking for when you play at the Canadian online casino. The casino offers all of the top-ranked games including table games of craps, baccarat and roulette, card games which include both single-hand and multi-hand blackjack and poker, lotteries of scratch card, sic bo, keno and bingo and hundreds of engaging, interactive online slot machines. 

All of these games are available for free play in the casino's Free Mode and for real money prizes in the casino's Real Mode.  

You can enjoy real money gaming in Canada via the Neteller Banking Method.