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Poker, of course, takes many forms. There are hundreds of poker variations, some of which you might be playing regularly with your friends. You can play poker online against real players. Or, as with most people, if you’re not playing a friendly poker game with your pals, you are a bit leery of playing against strangers. Even the best poker site in the galaxy would have difficulty providing every possible poker game but…

All Slots Casino Poker Games

You can play online poker in Canada at one of the best online poker sites, Slots Online. All Slots offers a large selection of video poker games plus several table poker games that perfectly simulate casino poker. We’ll talk about All Slots as one of the best poker sites, we’ll give a short overview of poker, and we’ll go talk about online casino poker in two forms in which you play against the dealer, not strangers who will relentlessly try to bluff you. The best online poker sites all have a large selection of both video and table poker games. The best poker sites also have a lot of variety in their online poker offerings. All Slots is recognized as possibly the best poker site because it provides excellent quality poker in both forms!

Poker Game Basics

The most basic rule in poker is that you try to get the best hand using five cards. Some games use only five cards but many games use seven cards. In these games, you choose the best five cards. There are games where the best hand is the lowest hand so you choose accordingly. Some games are high-low in which you can choose one set of five cards for the high and another set of five cards for the low. The hands are ranked by the difficulty in making them. No pair is the most common hand. When all players have no pair, the highest card wins. However, there are many video poker games in which you must get a minimum pair to win! Here is the rank of hands:
  • High card
  • One pair
  • Two pair
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush

Table Poker Games

All Slots has several casino poker table games. They are usually in the Gold Series, known for enhanced graphics. There are a few 3-card games, a high-speed poker game in which you can play from 1-5 hands, and Triple Pocket Hold’em. In 3-card poker, you can get a straight, flush, and straight flush but not the hands that need four or five cards. There are two bets: ante and Pair Plus. The Pair Plus bet says you’ll get at least a pair. If you do, the payouts are very good. In the Ante bet, you decide on your ante and receive three cards. You decide whether to play on or fold. If you fold, you lose your ante. If you play on, you must match your ante. Triple-pocket Hold’em is one of the most fascinating games of online poker in Canada. It has three hands, two for the dealer and one for the player. You have to beat both of the dealer’s hands to win but here’s the catch: you can reject two sets of hole cards and pass them on to the dealer who must play them!

The Easiest Way to Play Online Poker in Canada

The best online poker sites all have many video poker games. All Slots has more than 50 such games – one with as many as 100 hands you play simultaneously on each deal! This is the simplest way to play poker online. All video poker games have important elements in common. These games always employ five cards. You can change your bet between hands or rebet. You have to click play to receive your cards. If this reminds you of slots, you’re 100% correct. This form of poker was developed with slots players in mind who would either like a change of pace or might actually prefer playing poker in this form. You must decide which cards to hold and which to discard. You get one new card for every discarded one. Now, here’s a tricky element. Most players instinctively click on the cards they want to discard, but you must actually click on the cards you want to hold! You can hold none of the cards on up to all of them! After choosing the cards you want to hold, you click on draw to get new cards. Immediately, you know if you’ve won! Each game has its own minimum winning hand. When jokers or wild cards are used, the minimum will be higher. In a standard game with a low minimum winning hand, the payouts will be somewhat lower. Nevertheless, this form of poker often results in extremely high payouts in the 98% range! Most variations offer double or nothing. The dealer has a face-up card. There are four face-down cards. You must choose a face-down card. If it’s higher than the dealer’s card, you double your winnings! Jackpot Deuces and SupaJax are progressive jackpot games.

Poker and Gaming at All Slots

All Slots is considered by many to be the best poker site for two simple reasons. One is the sheer volume of poker options available. And when you need a break from poker, All Slots has more than 500 other casino games in all shapes, sizes, and varieties to keep providing great casino entertainment until you’re ready to play poker online again! At all the best poker sites you can play plenty of poker. At All Slots, you can play plenty of poker and then some!