Riviera Riches Online Slot

The elegance of the French Riviera meets with an online gaming adventure of fun and excitement in the fun-filled Riviera Riches Online Slots, now available at the Canadian online casino. The slots adventure takes you to the heart of Europe’s playground for the rich and famous where socialites, royalty, paparazzi and other famous and “hanger-oners” roam, looking for their daily dose of entertainment.

The All Slots Casino Canada invites you to enter into opulent world on your PC or mobile device and play at your leisure for real money prizes.

The Riviera

In the 1800s the royal families of Europe began to gravitate to the French Riviera to celebrate their holidays. Royal watchers and other wealthy Europeans quickly followed suit, earning the coastal region the nickname “playground of the rich.” The wealthy and famous learned that, in the privacy of the Riviera region, where locals ignored them, they could enjoy themselves in a more natural manner with other individuals from their own social class.

Over the course of the 19th century towns, villages and cities built an infrastructure to accommodate these famous people. Over the year locales such as Calais, Antibes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Cannes and even the principality of Monaco learned to prepare for “the seasons” when the area would be inundated with wealthy visitors. They learned that the upper echelon loved to play casino games and dozens of casino venues were built where the guests could relax and gamble with other like-minded Riviera visitors.

Today there is a wide variety of casino options for Riviera visitors. Some of the casinos are small and old-fashioned while others are sleek and modern. All of the Riviera’s casinos provide entertaining fun and opportunities to earn big payouts. You can join the Riviera recreation when you sign into the All Slots Casino to play the Riviera Riches slot machine.

How to Win Playing Slots

If you’re wondering how to win playing slots, you couldn’t have picked a better slot machine with which to start. The Riviera Riches slot machine offers you numerous chances to create winning pay lines, add to your wins with bonus rounds and multiply your earnings. All of your spins are complemented by a soundtrack of genuine casino shouts and cheers amidst a cheery tune that accompanies gamers on their gambling event. The graphics are vivid and compelling and they set the stage for the refined ambiance of Riviera Riches to come.

As soon as you start the reels spinning you’ll see the game symbols. There’s a half-full brandy glass next to a smoking cigar, roulette wheels, fancy cars, casino buildings, glamorous ladies, toff gents and old-fashioned slots letters and numbers to complete more winning pay lines and give you the opportunity to earn more payouts.

Every time that you spin the reels and match three symbols, you’ll complete your payline and earn a payout. You can enable as many of the game’s 15 pay lines as you want, but keep in mind that only those paylines that you enable before the spin with a deposit will pay out if the spin results in a win.

Special Symbols

The Riviera Riches Logo is the Wild symbol. The Wild substitutes for any other symbol and enables more completed combinations PLUS it doubles the payout of any combination that it completes. You can also create combinations with Wild symbols if three or more Wilds appear in a line on an enabled payline.

The Scatter symbol is the image of gold coins. Whenever two or more of these images appear on the reels they create a scatter combination and trigger the scatter combination payout. If three or more scatters display, in any pattern, anywhere on the reels, they activate the Free Spins game. You can calculate your scatter win by multiplying the scatter symbol combination payout by the total number of regular coins bet.

Free Spins Game

When three scatters appear simultaneously, the reels automatically start spinning for your free spins. You receive twelve free spins with all free spin wins paying out at a 3x multiplier value. Free spins bets and paylines are identical as the spin which activated the bonus game. The free spins can retrigger and your extra free spins are added to the previous remaining number of free spins. When you’ve completed the Free Spins round you’ll see your total bonus win amount in the Win box and you’ll be returned to your regular game.

Roulette Bonus Game

The Roulette Bonus Game is one of All Slots most creative slots innovations. The Roulette bonus game is actually a second game within the slot machine. It activates during the Free Spins whenever two Bonus Roulette symbols appear, scattered on reels one and five. During the bonus game you’ll actually spin a roulette wheel, just as you would if you were playing roulette. You’ll be invited to place a bet on your wheel spin and the payouts that you earn from your Roulette Bonus Game spin are added onto your regular game and free spins wins. You can win up to 30 000 coins in the Roulette bonus game.

You are awarded two opportunities to choose numbers on a roulette table. You don’t have to proceed to place corresponding bets, such as dozens, columns, colours, etc, since the slot machine does that for you automatically. So, for instance, if you select the number 8, the slot machine will automatically place bets on the numbers and elements that correspond to 8 – 1st dozens, evens, blacks and second columns.

Now you spin the ball. Depending on the roulette pocket into which the ball lands, you’ll collect your wins. Earnings are calculated by multiplying your total deposit amount by the odds per winning bet position. So, you can achieve multiple wins (on your bet on the 8, you may win on first column AND first dozen. Bonus win amounts that quadruple your total bet amount are also awarded during the Roulette bonus game.

All Slots Casino invites you to experience winning at online slots in an action-filled gaming event with all of the opulence and refinement of a genuine Riviera casino venue when you play Riviera Riches online slots at the Canadian online casino.