Legend of Olympus Online Slot

The Legend of Olympus Online Slots is a wonderful casino game inspired by the Greek mythology. Microgaming LTD decided to be super creative when making this game, bringing you a fascinating background story for the game (join Zeus in the battle against Hades), an intriguing preview video to get you in the mood, high – level graphics & animations, and most of all, superb bonuses and rewards! So join us now, win up to 2,000 coins with no effort and benefit from one of the most amazing 5X3 reels and 20 paylines slots games you will ever get to play!

I Heard There Are Slots Casino Bonuses Over Here!

Of course there are! After all, there is a reason this game is considered as one of the best casino games in the whole industry! At All Slots Casino Canada you will be able to enjoy the wonderful, and golden, bonus symbol which is also known to be one of the Scatter symbols of the game! Once you have three or more such symbols on your reels, you can be confident the Bonus Feature will be immediately triggered!

Bonus Feature

The Bonus Feature, or Bonus Game, once triggered, can benefit you with A LOT of credits! The number of credits granted varies in direct relation to the number of symbols appearing on your reels and the type of symbols present. If your symbol is considered as a big treasure, three such symbols will grant you with 100 credits, four symbols will grant you with 200 credits and five will be equal to 1000 credits.

When winning the small treasure, the rates are as follows: 3 symbols = 20 credits, 4 symbols = 40 credits and 5 symbols = 100 credits. Lastly, you can expect to enjoy the following payouts when winning the Reward Ferryman: 3 symbols = 10 credits, 4 symbols = 20 credits, and 5 symbols = 40 credits! At the end of the day, no matter which sort of bonus symbols you have, and how many of them appear on your reels, you definitely tell you will enjoy free credits which will serve you well as you keep on gambling!

It’s Time to Play For Free!

Have you already seen Zeus? He is strong, he is ferocious, and he is ready to let you play this game for free! It only requires three of its kind to appear on your reels (three and four such symbols will also work), and you are all set to go! This Free Spin symbol is also categorized as one of the Scatter symbols of the game.

During the Free Spins Feature, you have the special privilege to play for free and win for real! During these spins you are not required to deposit even one single coin. However, all credits won during the mode will be added, automatically, to your pay line.

I Think I’m Going Wild!

You definitely should! This game, and its benefits, are only getting better and better! The Wild symbol, which can be recognized thanks to the apparent figure of Hades on it, can change a lot of things in your game quickly and easily! If you always aspired to create more winning combinations than usual, you can be 100% confident Wild is the symbol that can make it happen!

Wild is capable of replacing all symbols on your reels, excluding both of the Scatter symbols – Free Spin and Bonus symbols. When it serves as a substitute to these symbols, Wild can participate in the creation process of many new winning combinations. For example, if you have two symbols of the same kind on your reels, you can be confident the presence of a Wild symbol will benefit you with the creation of three of a kind right away!

You will be able to enjoy a spin – win, and the relevant payout will be yours immediately! This special feature is also capable of turning three of a kind into four of a kind, and four of a kind into five of a kind! With Wild, it is only a matter of time until you start winning the biggest and the greatest payouts possible!

Special Payouts

Usually, most slots games will grant you with payouts only if three or more symbols of the same kind appear on your reels. When it comes to this game, however, things are quite different.

First of all, Wild symbol is capable of benefiting you with 0.5 credits when you win two such symbols on your reels (next to one another, of course). Three such symbols will benefit you with 20 credits, while 4 symbols will let you enjoy no less than 200 credits, If you are lucky enough to win 5 Wild symbols on your reels, have no doubt 2000 credits will be YOURS!

Are you ready to learn which other symbols can grant you with credits by winning only two of their kind? The metal spear, the golden glass, the helmet with the wings and the flower – decorated – shield, will all serve you well as you are wishing to win more and more credits! Just join the crowd of the happy gamer and start playing!

Seems It’s Time to Enjoy the Betting Features!

It definitely is! Once you learn how to win at slots, the gaming experience will not only be insanely fun, but also more and more rewarding as you keep on playing!

Max Bet

The Max Bet button is a great example of a button you only need to learn a bit on, in order to master the concept completely and start enjoying its multiple benefits! Pressing this button once immediately marks all lines and reels, in all of the possible combinations. The coin size is also raised to the max, and once you click the rounded arrow button (spin) you activate the Max Bet Feature and make your winning potential be the highest one possible!


The Gamble Feature is also very special and surely a lot of fun! Click the Gamble button, appearing on the left side of the spin button and watch how the screen is replaced with a gambling one, containing cards and betting options. You will then be able to either click the Red button or the Black one and then wait to see which card is being dealt to you. If the card is indeed coloured as you pressed (red after you bet red, or black after you bet the black one), you will be able to enjoy a nice payout right away!

Now it’s only time to start playing Legend of Olympus! Good luck!