Jurassic Park Online Slot

Gamers have been waiting for it. Jurassic Park Online Slots has at last made its entrance in the online slots gaming industry. And it’s taking the world by storm. Microgaming has expertly put together a slot video game based on the original movie, Jurassic Park that has become a runaway success of all times.As in the original movie created by Steven Spielberg, the cast goes for a journey to an island that was fashioned by a rich tycoon who sought to create an island paradise for dinosaurs. His idea was to clone an extinct flying reptile from fossilized DNA.

Employing his personal scientists with this project, his hope was to establish an awesome theme park to recreate the world that resembled prehistoric times. But sooner than expected, the island becomes rife with dinosaurs. You too will experience the excitement and thrill of being on this daring journey.

Take caution as the dinosaurs trample the lush island and break everything in their path. As you spin the reels and make your wagers, you will feel the adrenaline whooshing through your very being. And as in all Microgaming slots, you will not be disappointed as you win money playing online slots with the generous payouts that Jurassic Park Online Slots offers.

In the Jungle

The audio of Jurassic Online Slots is of excellent quality. The chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the insects with the sounds of the grass rustling in the breeze depicts how jungle life really is. As you play, you will become engrossed in the jungle atmosphere and landscape and forget your real surroundings. Wandering around the primordial-like jungle, we observe dinosaurs reverting back to life. Their sharp pointed teeth and booming voices are definitely a slot you surely will not want to miss out on. And with its potential of high payouts, makes it a first-class slot video enterprise.

243 Ways to Win

Jurassic Park Online Slots has five reels with three symbols emerging on every reel. Many video slots such as Jurassic Online Slots have a special feature called the 243 Ways to Win feature. This means that you do not have to enable pay lines to obtain winning combinations as they are always enabled for every spin. A pay line is the area across a slots window where symbols on consecutive reels can create a winning combination. Any finished combination on the 243 pay ways gives a payout. The symbols can appear on the bottom, top or middle of the three reels. As long as the first symbol appears to the furthest left reel, the outcome will be a win. Mathematicians have revealed that this kind of slots awards you a possible 243 wins on each spin.

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

The Jurassic Park logo is the Wild Symbol which is portrayed as a black skeleton of a T-Rex shown on a red background. In slot games, the Wild symbol is a symbol that replaces other symbols to complete winning combinations. The Wild symbol creates a wild symbol stack. A wild symbol stack presents a maximum of five symbols at the same time on the same reel. The multiple symbols replace on behalf of other symbols to conclude winning combinations.

One after another, a series of events rapidly occur. It was DNA extricated from the mosquito that started the dinosaurs coming back to life. In quite rapid sequences, the mood changes after a mosquito — which was sealed in amber — start to mutate. This mutation seems to be a dinosaur on steroids as the development of this awesome creature returns to life with a vengeance.

The mosquito is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol does not need to appear on an enabled pay line or pay way to win. It can be scattered anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbol triggers the Free Spins bonus game when at least three appear on the five reels. There are five dinosaur bonus games in the Free Spins bonus games. You get twelve free spins with added features.

Dinosaurs Galore

At the first instance you go into the free spins features; you will start with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once you enter the free spins features at least twenty-five times, you will be allowed to play the other game feature and can pick your own adventure. Amid all free spins features, you will get twelve free spins.First of all, we have the Tyrannosaurus Rex game which features twelve Free Spins with the addition of Wild Reels. Twelve free spins along with Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds is a feature of the Velociraptor game. Choosing the Triceratops game, twelve Free Spins are bestowed with Running Wilds. Twelve free spins plus a Mystery Multiplier is awarded in the in the Brontosaurus Game. The Dilophosaurus Game offers you twelve free spins along with Winning Wilds. At the conclusion of every bonus game your regular game continues.

All Slots Casino

At All Slots Casino Canada, you can find Jurassic Park Online Slots along with the best and newest games in the gaming industry. Of course, it’s fun to go to a land-based casino. But the costs of getting there and staying there can be quite high. Online slots have just the excitement and thrill as does a brick and mortar casino but with a lot more convenience. Where and how to play online slots is up to you. Whenever and where you feel like playing, all you have to do is turn on your computer or mobile device and start playing. At your own speed, even in your pajamas you can play online slots. The sky is the limit in playing online slots.