Click2Pay Banking Method – Secure Your Money Today

Multiple payment methods exist today, all created in the eyes of one mission: providing you the best, and the safest, method in order to help you make your transactions. At the end of the day, when more and more casinos allow players to deposit and withdraw funds, the players are interested in knowing their money is rally well saved. Cllick2Pay, for example, is such a method. This method is known to be one of the most reputable offered in the industry and we will soon understand why.

Payment Methods – Why Do We Even Need Them

Different casinos offer different levels of security. When depositing and withdrawing at All Slots Casino Canada, for example, players know for sure their data is protected with 128 – bit SSL digital encryption which applies to all online transactions. Nonetheless, not all casinos choose to secure their data this way, and players who wish to keep on playing without being troubled with worries regarding their money would sometimes prefer to use banking methods.

In addition to that, even in case the casino takes all the relevant steps in order to verify the transactions are as safe as they could ever be, the “simple” transactions are followed with another common problem: players expose their private details to all of the casinos they play at, and increase the chances their private details will eventually be exposed to the wrong bodies, or misused.

In order to close this gap, multiple casinos nowadays cooperate with additional companies which offer their services at multiple different casinos. The gamblers are capable of registering once with a single company and to use the very same account as they register more and more casinos as real – money players.

Click2Pay Banking Method – Main Purpose and Offering

Each payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know each such method as well as possible, so the player will be able to opt what suits him or her best.

Click2Pay is referred to as an online “e-wallet” to which people can charge money. In order to use Click2Pay, players are required to open a dedicated account and fill in their personal details. After doing so, they will receive an ID code and will be able to add funds to the account.

Click2Pay and the Casino Industry

Multiple casinos cooperate with Click2Pay. Therefore, the first main advantage of this company is the fact it offers its services at many places and casinos. Although it is not available for Canadian players, it does offer its services for multiple gamer from all around the world. The method allows players both to deposit and withdraw their money with greater ease.

In order to use Click2Pay, the players are required to get into their casino and click the relevant buttons which allow them the depositing or withdrawing action. Once doing so, they will be able to choose the method they wish to use. At this stage, it is possible to elect Click2Pay among the many methods offered, and once an account already exists, it is fast and easy to complete the action.

Registration – Important Details

Registration to Click2Pay is quick and free. Players are not required to pay once opening their own account, although fee charges may apply while making the transactions. The players will be required to supply their personal details relevant to creating their account and will also have to wait for an official confirmation from the company. This stage is important since Click2Pay wants to make sure the bank account assigned to each user really serves him or her, and that no fraud attempt was made. This way Click2Pay makes another step towards guaranteeing all of its users are 100% safe. Once registering, the members will have a user name and password which will serve them as they approach all casinos.

Safety and Security

First in priority when making monetary transactions. In order to make sure the players will be calm and satisfied with the services, Click2Pay has applied the 128 – bit SSL digital encryption, offering highest level safety for all data. This way, even in case wrong bodies have an access to the data as it is being transferred, they are unable to understand its content.

Click2Pay's Main Advantages

Players using this ewallets casino banking method will soon find themselves overwhelmed by the multiple advantages offered to them by one single company. Among other, satisfied customers report enjoying the ability to make transactions at any place VISA credit card is accepted.

Another benefit of this method is the fact that transactions are made instantly and with no delays. This fact allows players to enjoy a quick and comfortable gaming atmosphere which does not include waiting until a specific number of business days pass in order to start playing or using their money.

Gamblers will also be content to discover their identity is kept anonymous as they use Click2Pay. Although the players are already registered to their account, as long as they use this method they can know for sure their details are not being shared with the casino or any other charging body they select. This way, working with many casinos is never a threat to the players and their monetary info.

Relevant Disadvantages

As any service offered, this one also has a few disadvantages. It is important to thoroughly consider, however, if these disadvantages can actually disturb in some sort of way to the gaming experience, or should the player simply ignore them.

The first disadvantage of Click2Pay is the fact that it does not serve as a part of the ewallets in Canada that are in use in All Slots Casino. Specifically at All Slots, gamers are required to use other services in order to make their transactions.

An additional disadvantage some players may note, is the fact Click2Pay (just like many other services) charges fees for the transactions. Usually a 3% fee will apply. Other than that, new players can only transfer limited amounts of money. As the players increase their account star rating (which is initially low), they get to change their spending limit to 7 day period.