Christmas Market at AllSlots Online Casino

The All Slots online casino distributes extra gaming credits, multipliers and other casino give-aways through December's Christmas Market at AllSlots online casino. You're invited to get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping via the casino's bonus gifts and other rewarding prizes. 

The Christmas Market is designed to make sure that you get an early start on your Christmas cheer. You'll be able to use special Christmas Coins to purchase game enhancers, making your regular gaming event even more rewarding. Christmastime is a season for giving and when you play at AllSlots you'll be on the receiving end – of bonus prizes and casino swag that you can use at Christmas season or throughout the year. 

You can collect your All Slots Christmas Coins when you play All Slots casino games at the Download Casino or the Instant Casino on your PC console or at the mobile casino on your mobile device - phone or tablet. The Christmas market is distributing gifts to all coin redeemers, regardless of their selected games, betting levels, gaming platform or previous gaming experience. Just sign into your casino account on your device and watch your coin level grow. When you're ready to take your coins to the Christmas Market you'll be able to trade them in for casino swag.

You have your choice of using all of your coins at once for a big-ticket item or spreading them out to be used in increments throughout the promotional month.

All of the details about the promotion are on the Promotions page at All Slots Casino.


Most historians think that Jesus was born in the spring but the early Church leaders wanted to draw pagans into Christianity so they incorporated pagan beliefs and customs into the new religion. Among those was the celebration of the winter holiday of Saturnalia -- –time when residents of the Mediterranean would take a break from the cold, dark days of winter with drink, merriment and gift-giving.

Saturnalia officially held in honour of the deity Saturn and it included exchanges of gifts. The early Christians explained gift-giving at Christmastime as an extension of the gifts that the three wise men brought to baby Jesus. The actions of St. Nicholas, a 4th century bishop who was known for his acts of charity, promoted the idea of Christmas gifts even further and "jolly St. Nick" became a central character in Christmas celebrations for many centuries. 

The figure of Santa Claus evolved from St. Nick – the Dutch referred to him as Singerklaas and over the years that term was refined to the "Santa Claus" that we know today. Throughout the world children and grown-ups alike look forward to the Christmas season when they can give and receive. All Slots online casino players can look forward to their own forms of gift exchanges when they take their Christmas Coins to the Christmas Market throughout the month of December

Christmas Market

The All Slots Loyalty Points program awards loyalty points to players based on the games that they play and the level of their deposits. Players collect these points and when they reach a pre-determined level the gamer can redeem those points for casino give-aways.

With the Christmas Market promotion you don't have to wait until your points accumulation reaches a specific level – you can redeem your points as Christmas Coins for Christmas Market swag. 

Christmas Coins

You shop at the Christmas Market with Christmas Coins. The number of coins that you have at your disposal is determined by the number of Loyalty Points that you have in your account  Each Loyalty Point is valued at one Christmas Coin. As you play more games you'll accumulate more Loyalty Points which you then redeem for Christmas Market gifts.


There are four rounds of play in the Christmas Market promotion:

  • Sunday November 27th 2016 – Saturday December 3rd 2016 – Round 1
  • Sunday December  4th 2016 – Saturday December 10th 2016 – Round 2
  • Sunday December 11th 2016 – Saturday December 18th 2016 – Round 3
  • Sunday December 19th 2016 – Saturday December 25th 2016 – Round 4

The Market is open throughout the four rounds of play 24/7 and you can enter the market at your leisure to redeem your points for Market products. Market sale items include a wide range of bonuses of varying values so you can pick up some good deals during this promotion. Prices are marked in Christmas Coins and your Loyalty Points turns into Christmas Coins so you can redeem your preferred market bonus for the coin price that's marked.  

Sale items include free casino credits, match bonus credits, free spins and more. These Christmas market items give you extra real money casino gambling opportunities with no added deposit requirements. You take home the bonus payouts that you achieve through these credits and spins as cash payouts. .

Magic Wheel

Once each round of the December Christmas Market promotion you will be given one spin of the Magic Wheel Spin periods begin anew each Sunday on the first day of the week's round. The results of your wheel spin will indicate you extra win for the week with prize opportunities that include Loyalty multipliers and a flat loyalty prize.

Fifth Round

The fifth and last round of the Christmas Market promotion is the Santa's Sleigh round. During this round, which runs from December 25th – January 1st (Christmas Day to New Years) you will be invited to enter the Market and choose an additional bonus gift at the post-Christmas sale. Everyone is eligible to participate in this round with sale gifts options that include Christmas Coins, Loyalty multipliers and special discounts on Christmas Market items..

Points Values

You receive one Loyalty Point for every $10 that you bet on any of the casino games. There are three Loyalty Point tiers including the Entry Point tier level, the Maintenance Points tier level and the Bonus points tier level. Every level is divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond rungs and the more games that you play, the further up the Loyalty points ladder you will climb. If there are Loyalty Points left over after the Christmas Market promotion they will revert to the Loyalty Points club and you can redeem them as part of the regularly Loyalty Programme.

December has never held as much promise as it does this year with the Christmas Market at AllSlots online casino.