Brief Outline of the VIP Casino Program

The VIP Casino is an exclusive special program offered at Slots Online Casino. This program is only open to players who are consistently active at the online casino and are sometimes referred to as high rollers. These players need to earn the right to be invited to join the VIP Casino. It is not open to everyone and the privileged players who are lucky enough to be invited to join this elite group at the All Slots Casino benefit from many special offers, personal attention, and promotional events. In order to be invited to the VIP Casino, a player needs to have earned at least 2000 loyalty points at the All Slots Casino, in addition to being a consistent player at the casino with high value bets and a large secure balance in his casino account. The VIP Casino is for the most elite players. In many ways it is similar to a Vegas elite player club that welcomes high roller players who have secure means and are able to spend high amounts on the many games offered at the casino.

The Benefits of Being a VIP Casino Member

The VIP Players are not just given a label at the casino, they are given many benefits that add to the full casino experience and, of course, enhance their gaming experience. Players who are invited to join the VIP Casino immediately receive a personal account manager who is available around the clock, day and night, to help with any query that VIP Players may have and also advise in every area of the casino. The personal account manager also keeps track of all of the expenditure of the VIP Casino player and can offer assistance with the deposits and withdrawals for the VIP Player. In fact Platinum and Diamond members receive additional benefits in that their deposit and withdrawal limits are much higher than the standard gold members and also regular casino members. In order to become a platinum member of the VIP Casino, the player needs to have earned at least 8000 loyalty points and in order to become a diamond member; the player needs to have earned at least 50000 loyalty points. The diamond member’s benefit from all of the extras offered to the gold and platinum players in addition to option of being able to swap loyalty points for cash and receive a customized vacation. Together with the team of dedicated staff at the VIP Casino club, a dream vacation is worked out for the diamond players including flights, accommodation, and spending money. This is very similar to an offer that is given to the Las Vegas VIP Casino players who benefit from exclusive vacation packages, cruise deals and dream holidays that are personally geared to each player.

Special Promotions for VIP Casino Members

Each member of the VIP Casino receives a personal luxury gift at different times during their membership of this exclusive club. The luxury gift varies from month to month and player to player, it can include electrical items, items of leisure, household items or even luxury food hampers to match the elite status that the VIP Casino members hold. Each week members of the VIP Casino club receive free spins to use on selected slots offered at the All Slots Casino. These free spins are in addition to the basic players bonus offers and free spins that can be found in the promotions section of the casino. The free spins offer is designed to give players a taste of the different slots games that are found at the All Slots Casino. Many of the exclusive club members prefer to play table games where the high roller betting options are prominent. The free spins reward gives the players a chance to take a break from their concentration on the table games and enjoy a light game of slots with no extra cost to the player. The free spins each week are just part of the promotional offers that players receive at the All Slots Casino as a member of the VIP Casino club. There are many different promotional events offered through the VIP Casino that are exclusively for the VIP Casino members. These can be special competitions, special awards programs, tournaments and even special bonuses designed just for the high roller players. Each and every promotional event is designed specifically for the VIP Casino members and the personal account managers are briefed on every offer and able to help and guide the club members through the promotions and advise them how to make the most of each promotion and enjoy it to its limit.

A Summary of the VIP Casino

The Las Vegas VIP Clubs offer very similar privileges and bonuses to their members. The big advantage of being a member of the All Slots Casino VIP Casino club is that the player does not have to travel to Las Vegas in order to enjoy all these amazing bonuses. He has all of the promotions, support and special VIP-Casino privileges available at his fingertips thanks to the accessibility of the All Slots Casino, whether playing at the downloadable casino or the instant access flash casino. Being a member of the VIP Casino is definitely an exclusive privilege and it is not meant for every player and not every player is lucky enough to receive an invitation to this special club. The high-rollers are like a different breed; they spend their money more freely and are constantly playing at the online casino, hence their elite status. These are not everyday people and they are people who are very familiar with the All Slots Casino and therefore require in addition to demanding a different service and support network in addition to all of the other benefits that the VIP Casino club offers. To conclude, players who are lucky enough to be invited to the VIP Casino, having earned at least 2000 loyalty points, are players who are and remain long term members of the All Slots Casino. These are players who understand the basic rules and requirements of the online casino and know how to play the casino games. These are players who enjoy a regular gaming session and are not afraid to place large real money bets that in turn reward them with a greater spending power and a large withdrawal limit. The casino management recognizes the devotion of these players and rewards them with special luxury gifts together with personal attention and even a luxury vacation package for the highest level players. Being a VIP Casino member at the All Slots Casino is the ultimate goal for many players and one that is something to work towards in order to receive the golden invitation to join this amazing and rewarding club.